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How To Avoid Forex Market Mistakes | Market Movement

How To Avoid Forex Market Mistakes

                       How To Avoid Forex Market Mistakes

Avoid forex market mistakes, is one of the key to be a successful forex Trader. How to avoid the mistakes are discussed in bellow_

Fundamentals+Investor Perception = Market Movement

The Power of Contrary Thinking

Following the trend is an accepted way of making money from trading.

Trends persist and if we can lock into and hold them they can yield us great long-term prots. There is however, a lot of money to be made by spotting trend changes. It is at these turning points where we can trade with the best risk / rewards. Spotting them is easy when you know what to look for.

The key to spotting these trend changes is the reaction of traders themselves. Contrary Trading is based upon a constantly recurring phenomenon, which has remained constant for thousands of years – Human Nature. All you need to do is to study the response of traders to price  action. You can then be trading in the opposite direction to the uninformed herd  and know that you have a high probability of being right. You now have the opportunity of joining the minority of informed traders who make substantial prots from trend changes.


Many investors believe that price is determined by a simple tug of war between supply and demand factors.  They feel that the fundamental study of this area is all that is needed.  For example, in nancial markets the fundamentalist will look at corporate earnings, interest rates, changes in money supply, and many others.  In agricultural markets such factors as planted acreage, crop reports, weather considerations and transport would be important.  However, as B. Pugh states:

“All the crop news and political events will be of little use.  If it were possible to trade successfully by good and bad weather conditions, it would be unbelievably easy to make money when the news lters through ten or twenty thousand minds interested in wheat.  The major opinion may be quite different from the opinion of an individual.”

Let’s dene exactly what a futures market is.  It is in effect an area to bring buyers and sellers together and facilitate trade.  A futures market does not exist to ration supply and demand, nor to allocate resources, but simply to facilitate trade.  It is a perfect example of the free enterprise system at work.

It is the market participants that ultimately determine the price of a commodity.  There is no scientic theory or formula that determines what the price of anything should be.  The facts and statistics are there for all to see.  However, people’s opinions on the statistics vary.  All of us make personal, subjective, emotional judgements, along with all the participants that ultimately determine price.  Our decisions are affected by our emotions. We can all be logical and rational, and it is this side of our nature that has allowed us to advance in such areas as medicine, communications and computer technology. However, we are fundamentally emotional beings; this is an innate part of our nature, and we are subject to a variety of moods including hope, despair, euphoria, greed, fear, optimism, pessimism and many more.

If you want a graphic example of how humans determine price, think of what happens when you exchange a worthless piece of paper for a variety of goods. Money relies on a shared consensus for its value, which would disappear if the consensus evaporated.


There are many who believe that yesterday’s markets were different to those of today.  The facts, however, illustrate that markets today are just as inuenced today by human emotion as they ever were.  I want to now illustrate the effect of emotion on traders with specic examples, and then analyse the lessons that we can learn.  By seeing how the vast majority lose, we can hopefully step aside from the crowd and enter the elite minority who prot consistently from the markets.

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