Japanese Candlesticks

Basics of Japanese Candlesticks.


Candlestick trading analysis does not require knowing intricate formulas or ratios. Candlestick analysis does not require massive amounts of education to effectively utilize the signals. The stock investing basics of Japanese Candlesticks result in clear and easy to identify patterns that demonstrate highly accurate turns in investor sentiment. The average investor does not have to be dependent on the investment professional, a professional whose recommendation does not always have your interest at the forefront. Whether totally unfamiliar with investment concepts or very sophisticated in investment experience, the Japanese Candlestick trading formations are easily utilized. The signals and patterns are easy to see.


As illustrated, a stock price closing higher than where it opened will produce a white candle. A stock price closing lower than where it opened creates a black candle. The boxes formed are called “the body”. The extremes of the daily price movement, represented by lines extending from the body, are called “shadows or


A stock price closing where it opened or very close to where it opened is called a


Memorizing the Japanese Candlesticks names and descriptions of the candlestick trading formations is not necessary for successful trading. Reading about the Japanese Candlesticks signals is interesting and it aids in remembering them.

The Candlestick Forum is the foremost aid in learning how to use the Japanese Candlestick trading signals correctly. Stephen W. Bigalow has studied, analyzed

and developed simple methods for profiting from the signals. His published book,


OPPORTUNITIES TO MAXIMIZE PROFITS, incorporates the common sense, logical disciplines that most investors are aware of but ignore.

Throughout history, investors have acted in the same manner through all market conditions. Investment behavior is a function of the market conditions. The Candlestick Forum helps investors recognize those market conditions, explains how human weakness creates those conditions and instructs the investor to take command of those weaknesses. The Japanese viewed patterns developing over a number of centuries. The patterns produced predictable results. Learning the patterns is a simple process. Utilizing the underlying knowledge built into the signal formation provides an immense advantage for amassing wealth.

You now have the forum to learn how to direct your own investment results. This website is established for the continuation of the learning process. Any services that you utilize from The Candlestick Forum’s expertise can always be confirmed and reinforced through constant contact with the Candlestick Forum’s staff.

Becoming proficient at any trading method requires constant exposure to training and practice. The Candlestick Forum staff acts as a constant source of signal analysis confirmation as well as an educational taskmaster to keep subscribers alert to highly profitable trade situations.

Learn the intricacies that make the signals so powerfully effective. The Candlestick Forum’s library of E-books provide detailed insights into mastering the Candlestick methodology in-depth. Over a decade of learning procedures have been developed into a fast and easy method for becoming profitably proficient. Discover the potency a price move produces when knowing the psychology behind a reversal formation. Cultivate inordinate profits from a portfolio by exercising simple stop-loss methods made obvious by the Candlestick formations.

The magnitude of your profit potential is limited only to the level of leverage you want to partake. The Candlestick Forum’s e-books provide clear descriptions of how to use options, futures, commodities and margin in conjunction with reversal patterns. Consistent use of high probability trades can produce massive returns. The compounding effect of well designed, high profit potential trading programs turn singles into home run returns. Become educated in trading practices that eliminate destructive emotional intervention.

Take advantage of the benefits that Japanese Candlestick trading provides. Opportunities are easily identified, Somebody will take advantage of the information the signals provide. Once you learn the valuable benefits revealed by Candlestick formations, the rewards will be overwhelming.

Japanese Candlestick charting dramatically increases the information conveyed to the visual analysis. Each candlestick trading formation or series of formations can clearly illustrate the change of investor sentiment. This process is not apparent in standard bar chart interpretation. Each candle formation has a unique name. Some have Japanese names, others have English names. When possible in this book, the English name and Japanese name will be given. The Japanese names will be done in Romanji writing so that English speaking people can say the names.

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