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Emotional Patterns Breaking Trading Technique With Ebook

Emotional Patterns Breaking Trading Technique

Emotional patterns breaking Trading technique

Emotional patterns breaking trading technique  is the key to be a successful trader. The new Leading Professional Currency Trading System shows you how to trade currencies like the Pros!

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  • Watch and Listen to a topic as many times as you need.
  • 150 page detailed trading manual. See Table of Contents at the end of this page, 35 page Getting Started Guide
  • Real currency trading examples from the last 8 months designed to further reinforce every trading concepts
  • Access to daily pivots for the 4 major pairs and “News not Noise” Forex news digest and commentary.

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Traders love patterns. We trade chart patterns, oscillator patterns, historical patterns, cyclical patterns—you name the pattern, chances are there’s someone trading it. Much of trading boils down to pattern recognition and the ability to quickly identify and act upon profitable patterns as they occur. This is particularly challenging for active futures and options traders, who must read the patterns, make their decisions, and place their orders within a matter of seconds. Processing market patterns in the midst of our own emotional patterns—our tendencies toward impulsivity, hesitation, frustration, and regret—is one of the greatest challenges of active trading.

It is always sobering for traders to realize that they are every bit as patterned as the markets they’re trading—and sometimes far more so. In this article, I will draw upon two decades of experience as a clinical psychologist to illustrate a powerful technique for interrupting and changing repetitive emotional and behavioral patterns that disrupt trading. The technique is a cognitive-behavioral method known as exposure, and—in the Ranger tradition described by Brace Barber, Linda Rashcke, and me in September’s issue—it is a powerful tool for challenging oneself for exemplary performance.

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