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Binary Option trading platforms | Providers Information

For trading Binary option you can use different types of Binary trading platforms that your broker allows. We are now going to introduce you to the different types of Binary Options trading platforms that you are going to be able to access, below you will find the two types of trading platforms and to help you understand what is available on each of them you will also find several frequently asked questions along with the answers to those questions!

All binary options trading sites use a trading platform that is built by binary options platform provider. Binary options trading platform works similarly to computer operating systems, the OS of a mobile phone, or the language used in writing a website. Even though the end product is similar, the user interface and some other particular features are not same.

Today in binary options industry there are three main binary options trading platform providers; SpotOption, Tradologic and TechFinancial.

The largest trading platform of the three is SpotOption. This provider has 164 binary options brokers how are using its services that is a platform. The platform is followed by Tradologic, which has 75 brokers using its platform. The third platform provider is TechFinancial (24options platform) that has 27 brokers who are using its system, and the list is expected to grow shortly due to the popularity of this industry. As we have largest, we also have the smallest binary options platform provider in TradeSmarter, which has 21 brokers. Today the number of dealers in this industry is over 400 hundred, but the list is growing at a very high rate.

In any business, all sellers want to stand out from other by trying to do unique things. The same case applies to binary options platform provider are who try to do things in their way to attract more brokers. The list below indicates numerous features that different platform provider are competing over.

Tech Financial software features

  • The platform has what is called as fixed strike options.
  • Unified platform for Forex and Binary Options.
  • It has boundary options
  • It offers up to 25 exotic currency pairs
  • It provides mobile application for both iPhone and Android operating systems

Brokers who use this platform include; 24option, OptionFair, Tradorax, Boss Capital, OptionXO and Options Click among other brokers.



SpotOptions platform features

This platform allows all its users to generate quick profits by using fewer efforts due to their efforts in giving a simple platform. Also, SpotOption claims that it offers best binary options solutions to both investors and internet surfers. I remember using the software to ascertain if what they claim is true. I liked one thing about this platform, and that is the system if very easy to use and flexible.

As you already know, this is the largest binary options trading platform provider. The provider has the following features;

  • It is a licensed market provider via collaboration with SpotOption Exchange.
  • Offers mobile applications for binary options trading
  • You can trade Forex and Binary options using their platform
  • This platform has over 180 assets that are available for trade.

Brokers who are using the platform of this provider include; Banc De Binary, GOptions, Bloombex, 10Trade and Cherry Tradeamong other many brokers.

Market Plus platform features

This is a unique platform. One thing a like about this platform is that it has a bigger chart that is not usual. With this platform, you can trade using charts among other features that I have discussed below.

  • One touch, High Low and different High-Low Range options.
  • The system is capable of charting since it is built in the instrument.
  • Options on demand are another feature of this platform.
  • A trading platform that supports Android and iPhone.

Binary options brokers who use this platform include; HighLow, Binary Tilt and ETX Binary among other numerous brokers.

Tradologic platform Features

Tradologic is a great platform that has not been recognized by many brokers. This platform looks similar with the most popularly platform SpotOption, but it has some important features that make it more valuable to its users. This provider seems too concerned with improving its services day in day out. However, the approach Tradologic uses is much similar like in the world of gambling, hence lacking other analytic tools since it takes binary options trading as gambling. The platform is more of short-term options.

  • Users can trade signals with permission to change the signal algorithm.
  • With this platform, trades can specify the amount of profit they are targeting.
  • You can trade binary options on a margin
  • Chart plus enable trading using chart alone
  • Traderpro+ is one of the professional charts that have many technical tools.
  • Brokers who use Tradologic platform include Options Stars, Zoom Trader, and Option Bit.

TradeSmarter features

TradeSmarter is the first and only binary options trading platform to be regulated in Australia. The provider is mainly focused on providing services to Australia people and global to some clients. In the recent years, TradeSmarter has been considered as the icon of the binary options trading industry because it is regulated by many binary options regulatory bodies in Australia and the entire world.

  • The platform supports multiple expiry-60 seconds, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and one hour.
  • It supports multiple assets views
  • It has advanced options. These options bring about the high payout; you can customize payout among other fantastic features.
  • Strategic options above/ below, Range/Barrier and one touch.
  • Sentiment indicator you can view all current call/put ratio
  • Custom dashboard- you can pin precious assets to user’s homepage.
  • One of the brokers who use this platform is BinaryBrokerz.
  • Other binary option platform providers include;



StockPair trading platform.

This system has introduced the new way of trading binary options (pair options trading). The platform allows a trader to choose two pairs of assets. You can choose this pair from an enormous list of assets that are available to traders.

Paragon EX platform

Of all binary options trading platforms, paragon EX is the one of those binary options platforms that appeals to visually. The platform has an excellent chart. Those you have tried this platform can tell you that the software is very simple and easy to use. The platform provides high functionality and high security. One of the brokers who are using this platform is Ubinary.

Unlike other platforms, this platform was developed from scratch, and the only place you can find this platform is by visiting their website. There are many binary options platform providers, but the majority of them are undiscovered but with time, many new faces will appear in the industry.

In general, good binary options trading platform is the one that is both computer and mobile sensible.

The Critical things to look for when searching a binary options trading platform?

Today there are a lot of binary options trading platforms around hence making a selection more and more difficult. For you to be able to choose a good platform here are six most crucial features you need to look for a trading platform that will not give you a headache.

The first thing to consider is the number of assets. A good binary options trading platform should over you a variety of assets to choose from. Today majority of binary options platforms give a range of assets that you will use to conduct binary options trading. These assets include stock, commodities, market indices, currency pair, and even Bitcoin. It is a good idea if a trading platform provides stocks and market indices across a many global markets and various industries. When a platform has many assets, it will be advantageous to all traders because they can choose from different assets that are available as they strive to develop their binary options strategy.

It is wise to choose a trading platform that offers a minimum of 78%-85% returns in all profitable trades. What you should know is that the higher the return rates, the higher the profit you are likely to make. For example, some platforms offer up to 90% return rate such as IQ option. Since the trade determines payouts, the trader can know the loss or the profit of each trade he/she executes. These predetermined options help an operator to make a collect choice accordingly.

A good binary options trading platform should be flexible when it comes to trade execution. In order binary options platform to be called an excellent platform, it should allow traders to execute binary options in a broad range of expiration times. Here you are advised to choose a binary options trading platform that has many different expiration times that are meant to suit your trading styles. As am writing now, some binary options trading platforms have expiry dates that range from 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and one hour among others.

It is good if a binary options platform you’re using provides you with an option of trading on the go. This is because the majority of traders in binary options industry are trading options to add extra money to their monthly income. So an excellent platform should give this kind of traders an alternative to trade when they think it is convenient to them. With the technology growing each passing day it is crucial to have a platform that supports mobile trading. This will allow traders to manage or trade binary options using their mobile devices such as iPads, Tablets, and smartphones. According to the study performed recently, 40% of binary options are conducted using this device. So it is a good idea for all binary options trading platform providers to ensure that their platform supports mobile devices. Today majority of brokers are trying hard to adopt platforms that are mobile friendly that is good.

When selecting a binary options platform, it is critical not to underestimate the role played by a good customer support. With binary options trading am sure that despite you are experienced or not at some point you will have a question. Hence, you will need a customer support attendant to help you. So for you to say this is a good platform, it should be able to support multiple customer support options starting from calls to live chart and final to emails among other methods that I have not mentioned.

Now this is the very crucial factor in selecting a good platform. The life of a binary options trader is all about money. A good binary options platform needs to support multiple and faster funding options. All binary options trading brokers should use platforms that allow traders to deposit money and withdrawal money more quickly into their accounts and from their accounts. This will help operators to take advantages of trading opportunities that arise in most cases. The bad thing that can happen to traders is when they see an opportunity pass by due to the reason that the system wasn’t able to upload his money at the right time. When looking for a trading broker see their platform if it supports multiple payments and withdrawing systems such as Skrill, Visa, MasterCard and Bank transfer. Never miss a profitable opportunity due to delays in payment or deposit systems of the brokers’ platform.

If you take the time to check all the six factors, you will be able to select an excellent binary options platform that will allow you make extra money or even a living through trading binary options.

Benefits of a good binary options platform

Trading binary options have many advantages hence it very crucial to select a best binary options trading platform. The following are some advantages you get when you select a suitable platform.

A good binary options trading platform allows one to control returns

Unlike the old methods of trading, trading with good binary options brokers allows you to control your risks since you know your outcome before even trading. With a sound system, you will not expect to get leverage, and also, you are not exposed to margin calls hence the potential loss is somehow minimal.

Good binary options trading platform makes trading simpler

Binary options have a small number of parameters to choose from. These parameters include duration, assets, investments and direction. As good platform should offer all this and if that platform has many parameters then is not good for you.

You make profit from analyzing trends

The payout of all binary options contractors doesn’t rely on the price instead depends on direction. So an excellent platform allows closure of positions before the expiry time.

No commission or hidden costs

One good thing with binary options platforms is that they don’t have any hidden costs. This allows a trader to make the most out of experience in trading binary options.

Best binary options trading platforms with demo account

One thing you should realize about this binary options trading platform is that you need to you learn near them and test them before you go further into real investments. The four mentioned platforms provide traders with demo accounts that enable them to polish their skills and techniques before they start to trade options. This factor should be your primary determinant of the kind of platform you will be using.

For one to be comfortable with a trading platform, he has to test it fast. So for you to check a broker just create a demo account and try it by trading virtual money. There are many reasons behind this action first one being to get used to platform nuances. There are sometimes you may need to make a live trade, and the last thing you expect to do is to search on how to make that trade. So it is good to familiarize with the platform first.

Another good reason for the availability of demo account is that it will help you to translate the gained experience into the real trading. Everyone is going to make mistakes, so it is good to make mistakes with virtual money instead of real money.

Demo Account

Online Binary Options Trading platforms

The most common way for Binary Options traders to place their daily trades is of course via ac computer or laptop, and below are several commonly asked questions in regards to utilizing online Binary Options trading platforms.

Can I access a Binary Options site on a Mac?

If you own and use a Mac device then you are going to find that many online Binary Options trading platforms permit and allow you to use that device to access their online trading platforms. The navigation and complete operation of Mac compatible trading platforms has been made as user friendly as possible!

Can I Open an Online Demo?

You will find all of the major online Binary Option trading sites will allow anyone the ability to open up their very own demo account, we have a complete guide to opening up such an account so do have a read through it for information on how you can open up a risk free account online in a matter of minutes!

Can I Open Multiple Binary Options Trading Accounts?

You are only permitted to have one single real money Binary Options trading accounts at each single site available, you can of course open up accounts at different trading sites, and this is what a lot of trader do to be able to claim the new customer sign up bonuses at each respective site to give their trading budget an increase in value!

Are Binary Options Trading Sites Secure?

You will find the exact type of security protocols offered at online Binary Options trading sites as you would when logging into your online bank account, they are utilize the very highest standards in security and as such you will find them completely safe and secure to use.

What If I Encounter any Problems?

You are always going to find help at hand when using any online Binary Options trading platform, for each site will have their own in-house team of customer support agents, all of whom can be contacted at any type of the night our say, Our listed and featured Binary Options trading sites also offer online guides which will answer any questions you may have if you do not wish to contact the customer care teams correctly.

Mobile Binary Options Trading Platforms

More and more people are starting to use mobile phones and mobile tablet devices as opposed to using laptops and computers, and as such if you are wondering if you can start trading Binary Option via such a mobile device then we are pleased to let you know you can! Here are a few commonly asked questions by people wishing to use a mobile device to trade Binary Options:

What Types of Trades can I Place on a Mobile?

The mobile binary Options trading platforms are identical to the online trading platforms, and as such you are going to have just as many available trading opportunities as you would have in you had logged onto the Binary Options trading site via a computer or laptop, and as such you are never making any type of compromise by utilizing a mobile trading platform!

Can I claim Bonus via a Mobile Trading Platform?

The bonuses that are available to new users of any online Binary Options site are available to be claimed by new customers signing up to that respective site irrespective of whether they are accessing the site via an online or mobile device.

But do be aware that you are only permitted to claim a welcome sign up bonus once at each site and cannot set up two different accounts in the hope of getting a welcome bonus twice!

Can I have an Online and Mobile Binary Options Trading Account?

You will find that your online and mobile Binary Options trading account usernames and passwords can be used to log into both the online and mobile trading platforms as the site you have an account at, and as such you will not be required to open up a separate online and mobile account at each site you are a customer of!

What Happens if my Mobile Devices’ Battery Goes Flat?

One question you may have is what happens if you are logged into a mobile Binary Options trading site and the battery on your device you are accessing that site on goes flat!

If this happens any trades you have placed up until that point in time are still valid and will be live, however if you were half way through placing a trade and your battey goes flat then that trade will not be placed.

You are also able to log into you mobile Binary Options trading account and view the history of all of your trades placed, as a full audit trail is available to both online and mobile trading platforms. Do make sure that you keep your passwords and user names safe and secure and do not opt to store the passwords to your account son your mobile device just in case that device ever gets stolen!

Broker Specific Trading platforms

Every Binary Options broker needs a powerful trading platform to succeed. As the Binary Options industry is growing fast, new and existing platforms are reinvented and upgraded to ensure fast and simple trading. All Binary Options platforms have their own unique features and they should not be underestimated while choosing the right Binary Options broker. The following article includes all major platforms with general presentation; for more detailed versions, you can check each platform’s specific review.

This Binary Options Platform review’s page is written as a trader and a blogger. I also recommend our readers to check out the professional platform review by our analysts Richard Cox, Michael Hodges and Bogdan. After overall 25 years of Forex and Options trading there experience worth’s gold for beginners and experienced traders.

SpotOption Platform

SpotOption brings a quick and easy way to generate profits through the least amount of efforts from the side of the operator, and claims to offer the best Binary Options solution to investors, internet surfers and traders. Its ease of use, flexibility and power are well known to in the Binary Options industry as they might just be the biggest binary options platforms provider. BBinary, GTOptions, Redwood Options and TradeRush, are among the Binary Options Brokers using SpotOption platform.

Tradologic Platform

This great platform is not yet fully acknowledged by the Binary Options community. It looks very much like the more popular SpotOption, but provides some unique features of its own, such as the Range and Touch options (which is already well known) and some other trading tools such as rollover and close now options. Tradologic seems like it’s on its up, constantly improving the trading platform. Nevertheless, Tradologic approach to binary options is more like the “gambling” approach. They consider this type of trading as gaming, therefore the platform has less analytic tools but more short terms options.OptionBit, CedarFinance and OptionYard are among the Binary Options Brokers using Tradologic platform.

Anyoption Platform

Anyoption is a 100% web-based binary options trading platform and it is an uncomplicated platform for beginners and its diversity seems to be rare as it reaches out to the European, US, Middle Eastern and the Asian markets as well. Although launched already at 2009, Anyoption™ hasn’t sold its platform to any other broker. They decided to keep their innovate technology for themselves only, which makes Anyoption™ a truly one of kind Binary Options trading platform. The technology employed in this platform is quite speedy and it helps in saving time and it is fully secure as well. The platform (and the broker’s approach in this case) is more US type binary options with 1-100 options.

StockPair Trading Platform

StockPair Trading Platform introduces an exciting new way of trading options – Pair Options Trading. StockPair lets you choose two pairs of assets (Indices, currencies, commodities, stock) from a long list of available pairs, the higher/lower the chosen pair will be in a certain expiry time will generate traders up to 300% from just one trade. Lately more and more brokers started to adopt this type of trading, but StockPair were first. Similar to Anyoption, they developed their platform from the ground up and their website is the only place where you will find it.

TradeSmarter Platform

TradeSmarter is the first and only Regulated Australian platform. TradeSmarter offers exclusive binary options trading platforms mostly for Australian clients but also for global investors as well. TradeSmarter has been honored by being regarded the icon of the binary options trading as they are regulated by the ASIC, or the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. 24Bulls and StartOptions are among the Binary Options Brokers using Tradologic platform.

MarketsPulse Platform

This platform stands out for its bigger-than-usual charts and the possibility to trade directly from charts. A good addition if you ask me, but far from being an instrument for performing any form of technical analysis. The platform can be a bit tricky to use sometimes and opening a trade can take longer than with others but overall it’s a stable platform. The most well known brokers using this platform are PowerOption and Opteck.

TechFinancials Platform

TechFinancials has become a part of the binary options trading market only in the mid of 2010 but since then, they have taken Binary Options trading into higher levels of excitement with a modern and multifunctional trading system. In addition, the charts are amazingly clear and modern looking. Overall, it’s an extremely friendly trading environment which is definitely worth a look. 24Option, OptionFair and OptionXO are among the Binary Options Brokers using TechFinancials platform.

ParagonEX Platform

Paragon EX is one of the most visually appealing binary options platforms out there. Unfortunately, the most important thing – the chart – is not the “star” of this platform as it’s smaller than most smartphone screens these days. Other than that, traders will appreciate the ease of use and high functionality of this platform as well as the security it provides. Ubinary is the most noticeable Binary Options Broker using Paragon EX Platform.

EzTrader Platform

Eztrader have taken a major part on the development of the binary options trading market since October 2008, hence, EzTrader is one of the oldest trading platforms available in this trading domain. EZTrader Platform was marketed under the tagline ‘Option trading made easy’, and it definitely is one of the most user-friendly platforms available in markets today, maybe even too simple. EZTrader and GlobalOption are among the Binary Options Brokers using EZTrader platform.

KeyStone Binary Options Platform

Keystone platform is one of the smaller white label platforms. It was developed by the folks at Markets.com and operated by SafeCap Investments. The platform has some advanced features that are of great benefit to traders but other limitations may keep you away from this one. Early out, rollover and double up are great tools but when you are limited to short term and day trading then may not be worth it when other great brokers have much more expansive expiry. Brokers using Keystone: TopOption, Winner-Option.com, OptionTime.

PandaTS Binary Options Trading Platform

PandaTS binary options trading platform is relatively new. The platform was developed by Panda Trading Systems, located in Haifa, Israel. The platform is meant to integrate with MT4 as a binary solution for forex brokers but can also be used as a stand alone broker. The platform is geared toward intra day forex traders but also offers something for the active day to day traders and market speculators. At this time expiry are limited to short term, end of day and end of tomorrow for most assets but more are expected to come in the future. Brokers using PandaTS: CTOptions, 99Binary

OSystems Binary Options Trading Platform

A while ago, OSystems were considered the innovators in the field of Binary Options Social Trading. Since then, a lot of other Platforms recognized the advantages of this type of trading and acted accordingly, joining the Social Trading train. Now OSystems have more experience under their belt and bring a new, improved Social Trading Wall which allows traders to see the success rate of others and automatically copy their trades. On top of that, OSystems introduces a never seen before type of order: Limit Order. Some of the brokers that use the OSystems platform are MarketsKing, Binaryo and 123Binary.

Hello Binary, Binary Options Trading Platform

This is one of the newest additions to the Binary Options platforms “army”. Just like all platforms, Hello Binary is 100% web-based so there’s no need for a download and installation but what stands out the most is the simplicity of the platform and the fact that traders will not find on this platform any complicated option types like Touch/No Touch, Boundary or long term investments. Hello Binary visually resembles the SpotOption platform but it cannot compete with it in terms of functionality and features and I believe it still has a long way to go until it can be considered a top-platform. Maybe new traders will be pleased by the fact that only Up/Down (Call or Put) options are offered on this platform but more advanced investors will most likely find it too basic. Some of the brokers who started to use this new platform are Trade Call, Crown Option, Ze Option, 50 Option, Royal De Bank.

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