5 Best Binary Option Trading Strategies For Experienced

Is there such a thing as the best Binary Options trading strategy? One that will put you on an easy path towards a fat bank account, a vintage car collection and an exquisite crib located on a paradise island of your dreams? That’s a tough one to answer, my friends… because all the things I mentioned above are not obtained just by discovering the best strategy. The strategy/system you are using is a part of your trading success and your mindset will do the rest. Of course, you need a good strategy to complement your mindset, but only when you learn to combine the two, you will start to have success and… make money consistently. So, in this article I’m going to tell you what my Top 5 strategies are. The right mindset and the discipline required to use them are something you will have to figure out on your own, but here goes (not in particular order):


Trading is based on facts and numbers, not words. Maybe you heard me say something similar before and that’s because I really believe it so this Top is composed of strategies that I have used with success and which brought me money. It is not a Top about my opinions, about what I think would work, but about facts. Each strategy contained here was used by me as a whole or at least parts of it and I know for a fact it can make money… if used a certain way.

Ok, one of the first strategies I used was the Pinocchio. It mainly relies on Pin bars, Support and Resistance and trend following. A Pin bar indicates rejection. When it is formed on a Support or Resistance level, indicating the end of a retracement and consequently trend resumption, you trade it. If it’s not formed on a good level, forget about it because it’s not a high probability trade. You will need basic skills like trend and S/R recognition… and of course you need to know what a Pin is – Read more about thePinocchio Binary Options Trading Strategy Here.

The Floor Trader Strategy

I must admit this took me a long time to figure out because it has a lot of rules, the entries are graded by different levels and to be honest I was kinda green when I first came in contact with it. But after a while I realized that the principle behind all the flashy, complicated stuff is just trend following after a retracement which has certain characteristics. Although the Pinocchio strategy is listed first, I consider both these strategies almost the same in terms of quality. Find a way to combine them and… let’s just say you will be pleasantly surprised – Read more about the Floor Trader Binary Options Trading Strategy Here.

Multiple Time Frame Power                                                   

It took me a while, but when I realized the power of multiple time frames trading, I could never go back to looking at just one time frame. The higher time frame always holds some answers to your questions, especially if you know what to look for. I never used this strategy exactly how it is laid out in the article, but I use Stochastic, RSI and multiple time frames in my trading at the moment so this strategy deserves its place at the Top of my preferences – Read more about the Multiple Time Frame Power  Binary Options Trading Strategy Here.

 The Simple Balanced System

This strategy is similar to the previous one, but it doesn’t use multiple time frames. The reason it is listed among my favorite strategies is because a lot of traders use it with success and, like I mentioned before, I use Stochastic and RSI in my trading. The system is easy to use and newbie friendly while still having enough filters to keep you out of bad trades. It’s not the Holy Grail but definitely a good starter strategy – Read more about the Simple Balanced System  Binary Options Trading Strategy Here.

Three Bars High or Low

This one is OK, but not amazing. However, the reason it found its way to the top is the indicator it uses: Indestructible Trend Winner. Yes, I know it sounds stupid, but don’t let yourselves be fooled by that name because I use the same indicator but under a different name. It is a trend following indicator, very simple to read and highly accurate. Again, facts are facts and I see this indicator in action every day so I can definitely say I like it.


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