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Outscoring their opponents and odds, Trump capture Republican nomination

Beating rivals and the odds, Trump captures Republican nomination

CLEVELAND (Reuters) – Thirteen months after launching an unlikely deal that the White House, Donald Trump captured the Republican presidential nomination 2016 on Tuesday, after defeating 16 rivals in the party, mingled with much of its creation and has given rise controversy at every turn.

His eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., announced the support of New York, his home state, during a roll call vote at the Republican National Convention, ensuring Trump had the most delegates – 1,237 – needed to challenge the election Nov. 8 GB presidential against presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

With three of the other children of the candidate at his side, the lower Trump said: “It is an honor for me to be able to launch Donald Trump on top in the delegate count tonight.”

“Congratulations, Dad. We love you,” he said.

Trump Democratic rival, Clinton, who has been subjected to withering verbal attacks during the convention, was quick to respond to the vote, tweeting :. “Donald Trump has just become the Republican nominee chip now to make sure you never set foot in the Oval Office.”

Trump won 1,725 ​​delegates, followed by US Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, with 475 delegates, Ohio Governor John Kasich 120 and US Senator Marco Rubio Florida with 114. Three other candidates came up with a total of 12 delegates.

After the vote presidential nomination by voice vote the convention nominated Indiana Governor Mike Pence, 57, choosing Trump for his vice presidential candidate.

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Speaking to the convention for the first time since winning the nomination, Trump appeared on a video screen from New York with the promise of winning the November election, create jobs, strengthen the military, protect US borders and “restore order” in the United States.

The vote state by state to put the Trump name in nomination took place a day after opponents made a failed attempt to force a vote against his candidacy at the start of the four-day convention, and after a speech his wife, Melania, drew accusations of plagiarism.

A wealthy real estate developer in New York best known to Americans for his starring role in a television program long-term, “The Apprentice” where his slogan was “You’re fired,” 70-year-old Trump was a remote possibility when he entered the race for the Republican nomination over a year ago, without having an elected position.
On Tuesday, under the title “make America work again,” speakers basketball arena Quicken Loans Cleveland were intended to attack the record of Democratic President Barack Obama on the economy during his almost eight years in power.

Instead, speaker after speaker pointed to Clinton, presenting it as out of touch with the concerns of ordinary Americans and the heir to the “oppressor” Obama administration.

A former secretary of state under Obama, Clinton, 68, was to be formally nominated at the Democratic National Convention next week in Philadelphia.

Trump routes Clinton in many opinion polls after a bruising Republican primary season. Trump deficit fell against 7 percentage points over the final 15 points last week, according to a Reuters / Ipsos published on Tuesday.
wide lead

Trump initially refused to rule out an independent career if he can not win the Republican nomination.
A few weeks after announcing his candidacy in the Trump Tower in New York on June 16, 2015, Trump had taken a lead in the Republican race, defying experts who rushed to him carryforwards and overshadowing the man who many had thought be crowned on Tuesday night – the former governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, part of a Republican political dynasty.

In a campaign marked by insults and inflammatory rhetoric, Trump tapped into a deep vein of unhappiness that crosses white Mesoamerica, giving voice to the millions of people who felt left behind in the race for globalization and avoided Republican establishment traditional and Bush in favor of an impetuous independent politician who promised to “make America great again.”

“We have lost confidence in our leaders and faith in our institutions,” said Donald Trump Jr., in a speech at the convention. “We are still Americans. We are still a country and we will get everything back.”
“I know I will recover because I know my father,” said Trump Jr ..

Opponents of the Trump brand a bigot with calls to temporarily ban the entry of Muslims and to build a border fence with Mexico to prevent the entry of illegal immigrants.

Underlining Trump has faced problems with US allies abroad, the German foreign minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier said Trump threatening US security and the world with their “politics of fear and isolation.”
Steinmeier told Reuters in a written interview he was concerned about what he called Trump votes ambiguous “make America strong again,” while reducing their participation abroad.


Party officials hope to use the convention to smooth some of the rough edges of Trump and present it as a source of employment and strong to combat security threats at home and abroad hand.

The US senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, an initial backing Trump, put his name in nomination, calling him “a fighter and a winner.”

Two top Republicans, USA House of Representatives Paul Ryan and Majority Leader of the Senate, Mitch McConnell, spoke in favor of Trump. Trump Republicans need to do well in the November elections in their attempt to preserve the Republican majority in Congress.

Security forces were on high alert in Cleveland. However, police said on Tuesday there had been only five arrests since the convention began Monday.

Wright State University, a public university near Dayton, Ohio, said on Tuesday it had decided not to host the first US presidential debate scheduled for Sept. 26, citing mounting costs and safety concerns. The event will take place now at Hofstra University in New York.

While in Cleveland, Trump ally Chris Christie on Tuesday that should be above winning the presidency, would seek to purge the federal government of officials appointed by Obama and could ask Congress to pass legislation making it easier to dismiss told public workers.

Christie, who is governor of New Jersey and leading the transition team of the White House Trump said dozens of campaign donors a list of federal government employees is constructed to shoot if Trump defeat Clinton.

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