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Moving averages Technical Analysis: They are the technical indicator par excellence, and its main characteristic is to soften the price action to establish trends in a much clearer way in generally very volatile environments. They are extraordinary to follow trends, and may even to hint when they start or come to an end.
moving averages Technical Analysis

Moving Averages Technical Analysis

They are retarded to be calculated depending on the different prices in the past, and indicator can be established periods of short, medium or long term for its calculation. A shorter the period of calculation of a moving average, more energetic and defendants will be their movements, reacting in a much faster way. To give greater weight to the most recent closing prices over time, plus there are the simple moving average exponential and weighted.

It is customary to work with various averages, fast and slow, on the same graph, paying special attention to junctions between them as signs of possible trend changes: If the quick average (usually between 5 and 20 days) crosses above the slow (between 10 and 50 days), the situation can be understood as upward; if the crossing is down, the situation is considered bearish.

It is important to bear in mind that the use of moving averages in environments where the market is lateral (ie, which has a marked tendency) is not entirely advisable, especially if you intend to use the crossings of fast and slow averages decisions to enter the market.

Moving averages try to eliminate price fluctuations or “noise” and help identify trends. Because the formula for its construction, moving averages are not very useful to anticipate trend changes, yes to confirm them. According to the number of years included, moving averages may be short, medium or long term.

Simple Moving Average

The moving average can be obtained as the simple average of the prices of the N previous periods, ie, adding the prices of N periods and dividing that sum by N. The graph shows the moving average is calculated for each period.

moving averages Technical Analysis


01/11 1.4222

02/11 1.4230

03/11 1.4250

04/11 1.4285

The simple moving average SMA (4) on 04/11 is:


The simple moving average is a follower trend indicator.

A simple technique is to buy when prices move above the moving average (uptrend) and sell when prices move below the moving average (downtrend).

The signal can be confirmed when the moving average has positive slope for an uptrend, and negative slope to a negative trend.

Another common technique is to simultaneously use two moving averages, one long – term and other short – term and interpret as follows:

  • In a downtrend, the simple moving average short – term will be below the long term, when the moving average short to long term (up) short term, this confirms that the trend stopped being bearish.
  • in an uptrend, the moving average short – term will be above the moving average long
  • term, when the average Mobile short – term moving average crosses the long term, this confirms that the trend stopped being bullish.

The moving average gives equal importance or weight to the more remote data in the recent time, differences in other moving averages, as the exponential moving average.

Exponential Moving Average

The exponential moving average, unlike the simple moving average gives more weight or weight to the most recent data. With the exponential moving average traders can identify trend changes more quickly with the simple moving average.

One way of calculating the exponential moving average is as follows:

EMA = current price * K + EMA yesterday * (1-K)

K = 2 / (N + 1)

For example, for a four-N = 4

K = 2/5 = 0.4

DayClosing priceEMA previousEMA current
01/11110109.0100 * 0.4 + 109.0 * 0.6 = 105.40
02/11111105.4111 * 0.4 + 105.4 * 0.6 = 107.64
03/11113107.6113 * 0.4 + 107.6 * 0.6 = 109.78
04/11120109.8109.8 * 0.4 + 120 * 0.6 = 113.87

Both moving averages are trend followers: do not try to predict changes in the trend, but their signals are late. Moving averages are indicators followers, not leaders. The longer the time period, the greater will slow to react moving average. They are useful to identify trends and trend changes confirm. The exponential moving average gives greater weight to the more current than the simple moving average data.

Regarding which of the two moving averages presented here is convenient to use, you should analyze each individual case to make a wise decision.

A simple operative is to see when prices cross the moving average.


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