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Opening Demo Trading Account

Opening Demo Trading Account is the easiest part of learning Forex trading. All you need to do is go to broker’s website and provide a few information and in a matter of time you will find your demo account is ready for trade practice.

In this article, we would like to show the process of Opening Demo Trading Account with world class Forex broker HYCM. Follow these steps to put your first step in practical Forex Trading.

1.Go to this link: HYCM Demo Account

2. In the account opening window, click on Create Account:

opening demo trading account3. Provide you First Name, last Name, Email Address, Country name and mobile number. Click on I agree check box and Submit.

opening demo trading account

  1. Provide personal information on the form


5. Click on Captcha test and click on Open Live account

opening demo trading account

6. Wait for a confirmation E-mail like this. Click on the highlighted link

opening demo trading account

7. Now, you will be logged in to HYCM website automatically. If not, Log in to your account with email address and password. Click on Trading Account and then Create Demo Account.

opening demo trading account

8. Provide platform name and currency for demo account

opening demo trading account

9. Now, you will get a message like this:

opening demo trading account

10. Wait for a mail from HYCM. The mail will contain the log in information for demo account like this:

opening demo trading account

That’s it! You are ready to log in to your demo account and start practicing forex trading.

11. Open Your MT4 Platform

If you haven’t downloaded the MT4 platform yet, get help from previous lesson: Introduction to MT4 Platform

From the above window, click on Hynep-Demo address and click nex

opening demo trading account

12. Provide your log in details to log in, or you can create a new demo account form here!

opening demo trading account

So, now what? Start trading with absolutely no risk!

To learn about downloading MT4 Platform and start trading with it, read these articles:

Introduction to MT4 Platfrom, Part 1 

Introduction to MT4 Platfrom, part 2


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Lesson 3Introduction to MT4 Platform
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Lesson 5Opening Demo Trading Account

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