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ITRADER Broker Review – One of the most promising Forex and CFD Brokers

iTrader Broker

ITRADER REVIEW: ITRADER Broker is an online forex and CFDs broker which is owned by Hoch Capital Ltd, Cyprus. ITRADER broker is a fully regulated broker, with the CIF license no. 198/13 and it comes under the oversight of the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CySEC). Having a group of experts in financial trading and online-commerce, ITRADER broker has managed to set up a safe and secured trading environment for both novice and experienced clients. Here, the traders are getting a chance to trade in various financial instruments 24/5 and with the peace of mind that their interests will be looked after by their broker.

ITRADER Broker at a glance:

itrader-review-2Name: ITRADER
Headquarter: Cyprus
Founded in: 2012
US Clients Accepted: ✗
Customer Care: +35725123223
Support E-Mail:

ITRADER Broker Overview:

ITRADER broker was founded in 2012. The broker offers trading service in around 50 currency pairs and wide range of CFDs on indices, stocks and commodities through the MetaTrader 4 platform. The company behind the ITRADER brand, Hoch Capital Limited, which acts as market maker in relation to transactions, is a Cyprus Investment Firm that is licensed by CySEC.


ITRADER Regulation:

ITRADER is regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (Cysec) under license no. 198/13, 5 Christaki Kranou, office 201, Germasoya, 4047 Limassol, Cyprus.  ITRADER operates in accordance with the rules of MiFID in the European Union.

ITRADER Trading Platfroms

For trading access, ITRADER offers their traders a choice of 3 different types of trading platforms. They consist of:

  1. MeteTrader 4
  2. WebTrader
  3. Mobile Trader

The MetaTrader 4 Platform

MT4 is considered the most popular trading software in terms of charting and analysis, MT4 has seen its use by all types of traders from the beginners to experienced ones. What makes MT4 so popular? This platforms’ popularity can be accredited to the powerful tool and features it gives to traders such as the ability to analyze prices, manage and place their trades, and employ their trading techniques. While trading with MT4, traders are able to get the best prices and minimal compensation.


ITRADER Broker’s WebTrader or online trading is an web based trading platform that provides the trader complete access to a market’s information from any device that has both internet connection and a web browser. ITRADER’s clients who access the WebTrader gain peerless control with their trading decisions and have total market access from their fingertips.

Mobile Trader Platform

With Mobile Trader Platform, trading has become very easy now. While trading with ITRADER you have to option to download the mobile version of MT4 platform and trade on the go. Clients are now able to manage their accounts, monitor their investments, and open trades from anywhere using mobile MT4. Clients can monitor the market through their smartphone, tablet, or iPad. The Mobile MT4 is designed to accommodate all major mobile devices, the mobile trading platform takes the trading platform to the future by bringing the latter’s features with it to your mobile devices in a more user friendly format.

ITRADER Broker Trading Accounts

ITRADER Broker offers a range of three account types: Silver, Gold and Platinum. Higher minimum deposits are required for the Gold and then the Platinum accounts, but lower spreads are charged against trades. The company offers spreads which are quite reasonable for its market and a very high maximum leverage of 500:1– all for a minimum deposit of just $250.

Silver Trading Account
  • Maximum leverage= 1:200
  • 7 days withdrawal processing time
  • Account Manager shared by a group of traders
  • No SWAP discount
Gold Trading Account
  • Maximum leverage= 1:400
  • 5 days withdrawal processing time
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 25% swap discount
Platinum Trading Account
  • Maximum leverage= 1:500
  • 3 days withdrawal processing time
  • Dedicated account manager
  • News alert Service
  • Free VPS Service for having 2000 in balence
  • 50% swap discount rate

Trading Account Comparison

Crude Oil0.070.050.03
Gold & Silver (Metals)1:501:1001:125
Stocks / Equities1:201:401:50
Withdrawal Process (Up To)7 Days5 Days3 Days
News Alert
Free VPS
Dedicated Account Manager
Webinars & Videos
24/5 Support
Fifth Decimal
Swap DiscountNone25%50%

ITRADER Broker Trading Instruments

CIBfx Broker has 4 broad range of asset classes for trading. These asset classes are:

  1. Currencies
  2. Indices
  3. CFD’s
  4. Stocks
  5. Commodities
Currency Trading

Currency Exchange or commonly known as Forex, is the largest market in the world and focuses on the selling and buying of the world’s various currencies. Apart from being a large market that earns up to more than $4 trillion in daily sales. Just like the other assets, Forex trading has its own set of most actively traded currencies namely the British pound (GBP), Euro (EUR), Japanese yen (JPY), and U.S. dollar (USD).


Indices can be considered a basket that contains some of the world’s most widely traded underlying assets and represents a certain market as a whole or a portion of it. Some common names that you may constantly see include DJ Wilshire 5000, Japan’s Nikkei, the United Kingdom’s FTSE 100, and Standard & Poor’s 500 or S&P 500, with the latter being the most common benchmark in the stock market.

CFD Trading

A CFD, in general, is a type of derivative product traded to acquire the ability to speculate on or hedge on the rising or falling prices of equity indices and commodities without actually owning the underlying instrument. It is an agreement that binds two parties to exchange the difference between the opening price and closing price of a contract. Since traders do not own the asset, they are not required to pay associated cost of ownership including commissions, account fees.


Traders have their own preferences when it comes to trading stocks. Some prefer to focus on a single stock while others focus on groups. ITRADER offers CFD trading for those who choose to focus on groups, CFD or Contract for Differences is a type of contract where differences are settled with cash payment it is also considered to be the simpler method of settlement because the gains and losses are paid in cash. This allows you to conveniently trade with some of the world’s known stocks with a single account.


Get access in trading with a wide variety of commodities with ITRADER:

  • Trade different metals like Platinum, Copper or even precious metals like Silver and Gold.
  • Clients can also trade in Agricultural commodities like Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa and;
  • Trading a diverse variety of energy assets

ITRADER Review : Deposits and Withdrawals

There is not much information about deposits and withdrawals available in ITRADER website. Here are the funding options for you in ITRADER:

Deposit OptionsCredit Card, Local Deposit, Wire Transfer
Withdrawal OptionsCredit Card, Local Transfer, Wire Transfer

ITRADER Partnership Options

ITRADER is one of the very few brokers who provide superior support to the affiliate partners. ITRADER has a separate website for the partners, that is Here, you can easily become a part of the success of one of the leading regulated brokers worldwide.

itrader review

ITRADER has 3 partnership options for marketers who want to earn from forex without any risk. These are:

Online affiliates: Suitable option for website owners, email direct marketing companies, PPC and social media advertisers and marketing experts who can translate traffic to money.

Introducing brokers (IB) – This option is good for the individuals or companies interested in extending their current business by gaining access to an additional field with high profit potentia

Money managers – This option is basically for the veteran traders who aspire to manage their clients’ funds with the help of an advanced interface offered by a highly esteemed and respectable broker

Benefits of ITRADER Partnership
  • A flexible commission plan specially tailored to your needs and goals: CPA, Revenue Share and Hybrid
  • MAM/PAMM accounts for Money Managers
  • Strict payment procedure to make sure you get your money on time
  • Precise tracking mechanism
  • A great variety of marketing tool at your disposal: banners, landing Pages, videos and much more
  • An outstanding conversion rate

Additional Client Services

ITRADER broker has a wide range of additional services for the clients. The broker is committed to help the traders to get profit from Forex market.

Forex Education

ITRADER is doing a great job in spreading Forex education to both beginner and advanced level traders. There are plenty of beginner level and advanced level free educational facilities in the website of ITRADER. There are some articles and videos to guide you. These options are:

  1. Ebooks
  2. Learing Videos
  3. Educational Articles
  4. Free Trading courses
  5. MT4 Tutorials
Regular webinars 

ITRADER Forex Broker arranges regular webinars to help people learn Forex Trading. You can register for the webinars and wait for the next webinar to start.

Financial News Update 

ITRADER Broker regularly updates their website with news regarding new and upcoming events that may have an impact on global currency market.

Daily and Weekly Market Update 

ITRADER analysts and experts are regularly providing market analysis reports and post those in their website. The visitors of the site can have a look at the daily report to determine how the market will behave under different market situations.

Economic Calender 

ITRADER Broker always keep an updated Economic Calendar in the website so that the trader is able to know that news may come in the future and what effect it can have on Forex market.

Earning Seasons

Forex traders closely follow these reports knowing they provide a clear indication of the state of the American economy. Moreover, forex traders track the figures and trends presented in the reports and plan their trading strategy accordingly.

Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel is a Smart Messaging System to Enhance Your Trading Experience. ITRADER is doing its best to help you trade successfully. You will receive messages while you are trading in order to optimize each of your investments.

Islamic Account Option

ITRADER offers our traders the Islamic Account option. The Islamic Account works according to the Islamic sharia law, and is free of overnight interests and commissions according to the sharia law.

Chart Analysis

You will get daily chart analysis in video format in the official website of ITRADER Broker. No matter if you are a trader of ITRADER broker or not, you can watch the chart analysis for free.

Summery of features: Pros and Cons

While conducting ITRADER Broker review, we found some good aspects and some difficulties with the broker. Now that we have learned about ITRADERbroker, let’s summarize all the pros and cons:

  • Users of ITRADER broker receive both the security and comfort of a large operation – unlike any other in the online market.
  • Exclusive Forex Educational services rendered for the traders. Such as: ebook, learning videos, MT4 Video tutorials, educational articles and so on.
  • Traders can enjoy full 24/5 support and a variety of financial services which encompass Forex and stocks, commodities and indices.
  • Daily market review, news updates and alerts, daily forex chart analysis etc. are posted on the website of the broker which can be accessed by anyone.
  • ITRADER provides it’s clients with the flexibility they need to trade from anywhere in the world.
  • Optimized services to be used best by both experienced and beginners – each can find their fitting set of tools while trading with ITRADER Broker.
  • For partnership business, ITRADER broker has a great concern. The broker has different partnership option for the partners and providing superior support service for them.
  • While trading with ITRADER, you can make use of the powerful infrastructure built for investors, such as yourself.
  • No welcome bonus offer available for the new clients of ITRADER Broker.
  • No demo or live account contests available in ITRADER Brokers website.
  • Periodic withdraw system causes difficulties for the traders.
  • Not much of options for deposit or withdraw and very less information availabe in the website.

ITRADER Broker Review: The Bottom Line

By analysing the ITRADER review, we may come to the conclusion that the level of services provided by ITRADER is just satisfactory. Still more work to be done if the broker wishes to stand out from the crowd as an outstanding broker in the near future. Nevertheless, we should keep in mind that the broker has started its journey in recent times and it needs time to settle a little. Given the short time frame which ITRADER has been operational, it has managed to achieve a substantial amount of headway against their competitors.

ITRADER Forex Broker Review
  • Customer Support
  • Deposit and Withdrawal
  • Platform Performance
  • Broker Regulation
  • Overall Customer Experience


Post your Experience with ITRADER Forex Broker.


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