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The Online Forex Learning Course by allows you to study at your own pace and consists of lessons covering everything from pips, margin, technical analysis & tools, charting and more. Along with the course, you will also receive lots for free books, articles, videos, tools and personal help, so that you may not have any lacking after completing the courses.

What you’ll learn:

  • Understand currency trading and the factors driving individual currency movements.
  • Read and analyze currency charts using advanced technical tools.
  • Recognize potential trends in the market – as they emerge.
  • Balance risk against reward intelligently and pro-actively.
  • Anticipate and react to major economic events impacting global currencies.
  • Employ sound money management techniques to attempt to maximize gains and keep losses to a minimum.

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Beginner level Course:

80 USD


Mid-level Course:

120 USD


Advanced Course:

150 USD


Combo package (all three course + extra classes):
300 USD


N.B: If you’re not happy for any reason, contact us within 15 days of subscription and we’ll refund your money.




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