Forex 1-2-3 : Learn Forex For Free!

“Forex Trading For Beginners” is an exclusive Forex learning Course completely free for everyone visiting We would like to Thank you for your interest in this site, which aims to help those people who are taking their first step in the Forex market and provide more advanced information to those who have better trading experience.

Forex Trading For Beginners

The Forex market is the largest financial market. It offers opportunities for good returns to investors. But, it is also a risky market where you can lose money. If you are not willing to take the risk involved in this volatile market, we recommend that you do not invest in this market. If you want to invest in Forex, we suggest that you get yourself well-trained before starting to trade. We don’t want you to repeat the mistakes done by so many beginners because of the lack of training and practice.

Forex Trading For Beginners

Don’t You dare to miss this fabulous opportunity!

Forexing24 is committed to provide information which will be useful for any trader who want’s to invest in Forex. Learn Forex can be a slow process and you must be patient. While we can be very tempted by the possibilities offered by this market you should not forget that it is a very risky market and you may lose your money. So, learn Forex properly and practice with demo account, before investing your money into real account.

Syllabus of the Course:

Chapter 1

Introduction to Forex Trading

Lesson 1Online Forex trading
Lesson 2Forex Market Overview
Lesson 3Forex Market Participants
Lesson 4Forex Trading Hours
Lesson 5Forex trading advantages

Chapter 2

Forex Trading Basics

Lesson 1Forex trading Currency pairs
Lesson 2What is pip
Lesson 3what is spread in forex trading
Lesson 4.What is leverage in Forex
Lesson 5Forex Trading Order Types

Chapter 3

Getting Started with Forex Trading

Lesson 1Choosing Forex broker
Lesson 2Best Trading Platform
Lesson 3Introduction to MT4 Platform
Lesson 4MT4 Platform functions
Lesson 5Opening Demo Trading Account

Chapter 4

Forex Trading Analysis

Lesson 1Forex Trading Analysis
Lesson 2Forex trading charts

Chapter 5

Technical Analysis in Forex Trading

Lesson 1Forex Trading Technical Analysis
Lesson 2Forex Trading Trendline Analysis
Lesson 3Forex trading Chart Patterns
Lesson 3.2Double Tops and Double Bottoms
Lesson 3.3Head and Shoulders Pattern
Lesson 3.4Rectangle Chart Patterns
Lesson 3.5Triangle Chart Patterns
Lesson 4Japanese candlestick Trading Strategy
Lesson 4.2Japanese candlestick Trading Strategy Part 2
Lesson 5Support and Resistance Levels
Lesson 6Types of Technical Analysis Indicators
Lesson 6.2moving averages Technical Analysis
Lesson 6.3MACD Indicator Technical Analysis
Lesson 6.4RSI Indicator Technical Analysis
Lesson 6.5Stochastics Indicator Technical Analysis
Lesson 6.6Technical Analysis with Bollinger bands Indicator
Lesson 7Fibonacci Retracement Forex Strategy
Lesson 8Forex Trading Pivot Strategies

Chapter 6

Forex Trading Fundamental Analysis

Lesson 1Forex Trading Fundamental analysis
Lesson 2Fundamental Analysis of Currency Market
Lesson 3Fundamental Analysis of Interest Rates
Lesson 4Fundamental Analysis of Inflation Rates
Lesson 5Fundamental Analysis on Balance of Trade
Lesson 6Fundamental Analysis on Government Factors
Lesson 7Fundamental Analysis: Employment / Unemployment
Lesson 8Fundamental Analysis on GDP
Lesson 9Fundamental Analysis on Geopolitical Risks

Chapter 7

Forex Trading Strategies

Lesson 1profitable Forex trading strategies
Lesson 2Most popular trading strategies
Lesson 3Forex Scalping Strategy
Lesson 4Forex Trading Hedging Strategy
Lesson 5Trading Bounce Trading Strategy
Lesson 6Forex Trading Breakout Strategy
Lesson 7Pivot Point Reversal Strategy
Lesson 8Pivot Point Break Out Strategy
Lesson 9News Trading Strategies
Lesson 10Marker Sentiment Analysis
Lesson 11Pivot Points Trading Strategy

Chapter 8

Forex Trading with Real Money

Lesson 1Developing a Trading Plan
Lesson 2Opening a live Account
Lesson 3keeping a Forex Trading journal

Chapter 9

Money Management in Forex Trading

Lesson 1Money Management Tips in Forex Trading
Lesson 2Good Forex Trading Technique
Lesson 3Using risk-reward ratio in Forex trading
Lesson 4How to use leverage in Forex Trading
Lesson 5Forex Trading Risk management

Chapter 10

Trade Psychology

Lesson 1What is Trade Psychology
Lesson 2Common Reason for Forex Trading failure
Lesson 3Forex Trading winning mentality
Lesson 4Emotional Weakness of Forex traders

Chapter 11

Further reading about Forex Trading

Lesson 1Becoming a Full time Forex trader
Lesson 2Forex Trading signals
Lesson 4How to Become an Introducing Broker

What Next?

Did you just finish our free learning course: Forex trading for Beginners? Then, we are confident that you are ready to start real Forex trading. Please note that, learning Forex is an ongoing process, one never reach the perfect end point in Forex learning. As the market and trading situation changing day-by-day, there are more learning topics being added to the courses. We suggest you to visit some other important sections of our website to increase your knowledge depth in Forex Trading.

Remember! There are numerous offers to invest in the Forex market, take your time to evaluate and compare the different alternatives in depth. We this free Forex learning course “Forex trading for beginners” was really useful for you. If you have any questions or comments on this, please feel free to contact us.