Our webinars are designed to improve your FX knowledge and help you hone your trading skills to give you the confidence you need to trade the markets! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, our seasoned market analysts will guide you through key Forex strategies and concepts.

We have a pool of experienced instructors who are committed to help you in every step of your Forex trading career, provide valuable Forex education and give you a solid foundation to begin trading. Let’s have a look at our honorable instructors and their qualifications:

Vijay Nayyar

Chief Executive Officer, Indian Trader’s Association (FXIN)

Vijay Nayyar is the founder and CEO of Indian Trader’s Association (FXIN). During his forte across various asset classes and sophisticated treasuries, he envisioned a better fx solutions for corporates. He launched India Forex Advisors Pvt.

Azhar Ali

Managing partner and Chief analyst of

Azhar is managing director of He is a renowned Forex expert. Prior to his current position He gave a consulting service to domestic & international asset management firms in south East Asian Region. He is a resourceful thinker driven and determined to engage, execute and manage successful long-term business plan.

Sung Won Sohn

Managing Director of FXBizMaestro

Sung Won Sohn is Chief Technical Analyst and Managing Director of Technical Analysis provider Prior to creating FXBizMaestro. Sung also worked as an independent trader and analyst, he is a regular speaker at trading seminars and a regular provider of research to Forexing24.

Harlan Miller

Contributor of

Harlan Miller began his trading career whilst at University of Manchester. He spent time learning the art of Fundamental Analysis with his Professors, whilst graduating in Bsc Economics. He has been working as a major contributor in

Md. Saliuddin

Founder and Director of AnalystFX

Akash Saliuddin is a renowned Forex & Binary Options expert, a regular columnist at different forex related websites and author of a number of analytical books and articles. Saliuddin is the founder and Director of popular website AnalystFX where he educates traders around the globe on successful trading strategies.





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